June 1, 2017


Do You Want to Visit Canada?

Canada offers a wide range of schools and courses for foreign students. You will want to plan carefully before choosing your school and courses. You are likely to need a study permit. We provide all the support and professional guidance in:

Finding proper educational institutes as per your qualification.
Applying for your admission.
Applying for your student visa. Filling out of the forms etc.
Finding an appropriate and economical accommodation.
Finding the ways to help you getting a work permit while on a student visa.
Applying for immigration after completion of your studies.

You sure need an experienced and knowledgeable specialist to deal with all of your immigration needs. Contact us

You will need to decide where you want to study and what courses you need to take before applying. Find out how to choose a school, college or university in Canada.

Every school has different rules on how to apply. Find out how to apply to a school, college or university.

There are also things you should know before you apply for a study permit.

Find out what you need to apply to a school in Canada. There are special rules to apply to a school in Quebec.

You should learn about living in Canada before you come to study. Will living in Canada be expensive? Do you need health insurance? Make sure you are prepared before coming to Canada.

You must be able to support yourself while you are in Canada. You may be able to work in Canada.

Make sure your Temporary Resident Visa and Study Permit are valid. Find out about applying to change Conditions or renew your permit in Canada.